Saturday, October 29, 2005

Yahoo MyWeb and MyWeb 2 - scrapping them for now

I like the concept of Yahoo MyWeb2 beta, which I've been trying for a couple weeks - but my Yahoo toolbar has a link to MyWeb, for which you would need to uninstall MyWeb2 to use.

I want one tool, not two - so both of the Yahoo ones go away and based on the new improvements, I think I might have it. (although I do get a settings error all the time and when I add a link, it takes me to a PCBD page) I'll lose some links I had saved to Yahoo via the MyWeb toolbar but am too lazy to go search back through. Oh well.

I just wish my final choice had been a Yahoo tool - maybe when MyWeb2 comes out of beta.


At 10/30/2005 2:09 PM, Anonymous Raj @ Yahoo said...

Chris, found your blog and noticed that you've tried both My Web and the "social search" version - My Web 2.0. Wanted to clarify one thing. As My Web 2.0 is an upgrade to the original My Web, the Save to My Web button on your Yahoo! Toolbar will automatically allow you to save/share/tag pages to My Web 2.0 instead of My Web. So you don't actually need to uninstall My Web 2 to use the toolbar.

You can also use a bookmarklet instead of the Y! Toolbar to save it. You can find it here (check out the bookmarklet section, 2nd from the top):

Hope you'll give it a try again.

At 11/03/2005 8:28 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Thanks for the tip, Raj. However, I'm still sticking with right now for one reason: neither tool offers ad revenue on the social bookmark pages. Once that changes, I'll be with whoever's offering that.


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