Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Working on resolving the posting issue

Got my first response from support! We'll see if we can get it resolved...

[Sun Oct 30 11:32:33 2005]: Hi, almost every time I try to post to, I get a Page Cannot Be Displayed error. Usually if I go back to the Your Favorites and refresh, it's been added, but there have also been multiple times when that's not the case. A little help? Thanks, Chris

Britta Gustafson wrote: Hi Chris,Is this happening on a regular basis, like over the course of a few days? A failure to connect to may happen occasionally, for example when the servers have a heavy load, but should not be happening every time you post.If the problem does not resolve itself, can you send us some more details about your browser (including version number), connection, etc.? Thanks!

Date:Tue, 1 Nov 2005 21:24:41 -0800 (PST)
Subject:Re: [ #2807] Page Cannot Be Displayed when adding links

Hi Britta, It's pretty much every time I post, and is the only site/tool it happens with. I'm on IE 6.029.. and a wireless connection. Fyi, I also found this person's blog post while searching for a solution:
Thanks in advance for more troubleshooting,


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