Wednesday, November 02, 2005

RSS for CRM: overhyped already?

I've now seen efforts to promote both RSS for and RSS for MS CRM 3.0 - and I have to say, neither one impressed me even with some slick supporting tools. What is there to gain?

- Dashboard functionality? Maybe sort of, but you've got to learn a new tool to get it.
- Saving you effort to go into the system? Maybe, but is it really that hard?

From a conceptual standpoint, it's nice to have one place (RSS aggregator etc.) to remember to keep track of all your stuff - but it seems like you're giving up a lot of benefits from the app to get it. Even if you could also pull in an RSS feed from an ERP source to see forecast vs. actuals without coding, it would still be pretty limited.

Someone convince me of where the big value add is, please...


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