Sunday, November 27, 2005

Google Analytics stats for this blog

I thought it might be interesting to post some stats I'm seeing for this blog. (Yes, I know there's nobody visiting the site, no need to rub it in.) Anyway, here goes:

Overview -

I know the pics aren't very big, but you can see that the Google Analytics tools are pretty slick. From the overview, you can see that not many people are consistently coming to the blog, from both the traffic view on the top left and the new/returning view on the top right. You can also see that I have an international following from the map in the bottom left corner.

Most interestingly, I can see from the pie chart in the bottom right corner how readers come to my page. In my case, most users are coming from the j-walk blog, where I post sometimes in the comments. There's a healthy amount of traffic just from Blogger itself, as well - I'd guess this is from the rotating blog recommendations on their front page, as well as from the "Next blog" feature you see at the top of the page. Lastly, there's a big chunk of readers coming from Other, which I haven't figured out a way to drill down into yet for more details.

Browser/Platform types -
More than half of my current audience uses Internet Explorer (including myself), though all of the combined versions of Firefox have a healthy representation. I actually wonder how many people there are like me - tried Firefox, enjoyed it, but switched back to IE due to all of the security issues Firefox had earlier this year and haven't made my way back to it (and won't until I see IE version 7).

Screen resolutions-
This was exactly what I was hoping I wouldn't see - people using a vast and varied array of screen resolutions. Plus that 1400x1050 is undoubtedly skewed by the fact that I use it, and I'd guess a healthy portion of those (11!) visits are mine - although I did hear that Google Analytics filters out your own visits, so maybe not. Do I need to worry about catering to those ten users limited to x768 (it is about 30% of my audience so far...)?

It's fun to play with this as I start to get traffic to the site - it also jumped some from my post yesterday (after I'd already taken the above screenshots), and I'll aim to do a follow-up post of what pages people are visiting.


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