Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"All ERP vendors are the same"

"Shock news: All ERP vendors are the same"

I disagree with this 'research.' It's like saying all cars are the same - I mean, after all, you're really just trying to drive from one place to another, right? Sure, some people might feel that way and buy the most commoditized version available, but there are also benefits to getting a model that meets your other priorities too.

In the case of business systems, I might accept that what's offered out of the box is very similar - but each customer's unique needs beyond that are what help determine which vendor is ultimately chosen. Want your own data kept in house, or want to reduce in-house expertise needs? Need unlimited customization ability, or only a few select fields? Want pre-built reports, or end users build their own?

Sure, all ERP packages probably cover the same basics - but the different approaches per package are significant enough that a CIO shouldn't just fork over loads of cash without doing their due diligence.


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