Saturday, November 05, 2005

VOIP / Skype / Vonage - still not an option for this cowboy

I'm currently paying $20+ per month just to have a local phone line in Denver (thanks Qwest). I use this only for making local calls maybe 10 times a week with 2 people (my boss and my mom), though each of those can go 30-45 minutes. So for local rates, I'm paying about $2 per call. I know I can't beat that with Vonage, since they've got high monthly subscriptions ($30+ if I remember right).

I decided to see what Skype has to offer, since I've heard so much about it - even if I had to pay $.05 per minute for those calls to/from a computer, I'd still be saving money. There would be issues to address (quality issues? tied to computer? etc.) to make sure it was viable, but it was worth looking into.

So here's the thing - I get to this page:

and there's no currency converter or anything. I have to know what currency a C with a line through it is to continue my purchase. Is that British? Canadian? Chinese? The Euro? I could look it up, but if I'm having to look it up, so are hundreds of other people. So Skype doesn't get my business/recommendation until they have a way for you to already know what you'll pay. I was surprised to see such low customer proactiveness from a company with so much buzz.


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