Friday, November 04, 2005

Yahoo’s Acting Like Its Old Self Again

Nickolas Means gives a good summary of my same observations around Yahoo's new web 2.0 tools (maps, MyWeb2.0, etc.). Pretty slick. Can't wait for ad revenue and social bookmarking to be integrated someday.

However, Nikolas is also a little too fond of Peppermint lattes (kidding). Give me hot chocolate or coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream any day.


At 11/04/2005 11:46 PM, Blogger Mind Valley said...

Given your interest in social bookmarking, I thought you might like to check out If you get the chance to check it out, would love to hear your thoughts. BTW: Why are you hoping to see social bookmarking and ads integrated? I guess I did not understand your post. Mike

At 11/05/2005 7:01 AM, Blogger Chris said...

Hi Mike, thanks for stopping in.

I enjoyed BlinkList when I checked it out about a week ago, but that was after I was already up and running on - really the only thing that stopped me from using BlinkList was that it was less well known and I didn't find it in time. I'm unfortunately probably not switching to any other social bookmarking site until they offer ad revenue opportunities - see my post here ( for more detail.

Hope to hear from you again!


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