Sunday, November 27, 2005

NEWS: Changing blog name to '200 minutes'

NEWS: I'm changing the name of this blog to '200minutes', to be found at

The premise is that most people in civilized society have about 200 minutes, or around three hours, per day where they can choose to focus their time once they've gotten home from work, eaten, paid the bills, kissed the kids, and/or whatever other top priorities folks have. My goal is to find technological solutions that can streamline and maximize those 200 minutes, by removing inefficiencies and personalizing the web for each user.

Prime example: scrolling through my RSS feeds, I see things I'm interested in but are the same posts again and again from different sources, like this...

And this...

Yes, this happens every day - I'd say at least 20-30% of posts I pull in each day are duplicates I've already seen just within my own aggregator. Those are the sorts of things 200minutes will try to sort out for you, with your excellent feedback to keep me on target, of course.

The one downside is this: If you like this blog, you'll have to subscribe to the new RSS feed. This is the last post you'll see if you're only subscribed to the Convene feed.

I will come back and post the RSS address here for the new feed once it's set up, but by then it will be too late - the post will already be sitting in your RSS aggregator without the update. So everyone come to at least once to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Update: Here's the new RSS feed!


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