Sunday, November 27, 2005

Things that I don't post about

I may be the only one looking at this blog, so there are certain things I don't spend energy posting about because I don't think they provide enough personal value. For example:
  • almost anything with the words "innovation" and/or "attention"
  • posturing between business system organizations (like the memos from Marc Benioff from and Bill Gates/Ray Ozzie from Microsoft)
  • posturing between political organizations
  • most features/updates/etc. that I think are overhyped

Those four bullet points, though, are a lot of what show up in my aggregated feeds. Between not posting about them and posting the one-off gems to my bookmarks, not a lot makes it to this blog (though I'm still working on getting a daily posting of my social bookmarks into this blog).

I realize some of those would make good posts (why I think AHAH is not going to catch on, anything related to George W. Bush and/or the Middle East, etc.), but I don't see enough value resulting from even the potential comments on those topics - so I don't write them up. I think this is a good thing, and it works for me at least. Any feedback?


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