Saturday, December 10, 2005

Yahoo gets Flickrlicious

In addition to buying Flickr, Yahoo has now bought I can't wait to see the improvements that come out of this! Hopefully we won't see too many downsides.

And this just on the heels of checking my Google email and seeing the Google web clips fiasco - how the heck do I read all of my feeds through that interface? I guess the concept of context-appropriate RSS based on what you're currently writing/reading an email about is nice and all, but I wish they had invested that energy instead making it so I could just read my RSS in Gmail, instead of needing to go to Google Reader (which I don't use because of that lack of integration or any other good features).

However, as part of the noise over the Yahoo acquisition, I found two other social bookmarking sites to try out: Simpy and Spurl. Of the two, Spurl is the only one that held my attention - and hey, you can have your own AdSense ads! That to me is when all of this community-building on the web will be great - when we're given the chance to profit from our community contribution.

Or wait, are those ads provided by Spurl, for their financial gain? I'll have to check it out more...


At 1/02/2007 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, I saw your (I assume you are the same person)comment on delicious: "Doesn't have tagging functionality - is still better. If it had tagging and could import from, might make the switch.
- bizchris"

i have yet to try bluedot, but perhaps they implemented tagging and Delicious import after you made the comment:

paul (somercamb at yahoo)

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